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The Xenosexuality Conference was a lot of fun! The writing is comfy and fun in a way that reminds me of Becky Chambers Wayfarers, but much steamier! I really enjoy the descriptions of all the different alien types and the great worldbuilding that makes me feel like there's a whole universe outside of this fic. Great illustrations too! I would love to read more of Brilliant's adventures. :)


God I love this - it nails one of my favorite themes, “a captor who is genuinely quite nice but clearly doesn’t have to be”

And its best intersection, “someone lands in a deeply fucked-up scenario that *happens* to perfectly align with their kinks, but they’re acutely aware of how unlikely that is and how easily it could change”

Also, top-notch prose and alien design and illustrations!


*adds the book to her wishlist*


Tremendous! Wonderfully written, with enough fascinating worldbuilding thrown in on top of the absolutely excellent erotica. A must-read for anyone who’s interested in the kinks or even fun alien sex. The illustrations are the cherry on top. I can’t recommend this enough. Truly can’t wait to see more from this artist! 


Wonderful story; mixes the development of the overall situation with the personal and inter-personal stuff. Exhibitionism, medical kink, and a wonderful exploration of aliens doing their best to understand one another.